Will Eminem spare Megan Fox when he disses MGK?

Will Eminem sapre Megan Fox when he disses MGK?

There’s long-running beef between  Eminem and  Machine Gun Kelly, with both the rappers targeting each other in their songs over the years.

Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly  intensified his feud with Eminem  in 2018 diss track “Rap Devil” in which he also brought Slim Shady’s daughter.

Marshall Mathers criticized his one time admirer for  dissing him and later  in his surprised album “Music To Be Murdered By” announced to end the beef .

But their fight  seems  far from over because MGK thinks Eminem is rich and he is still hungry. 

Months after Eminem released “Music To Be Murdered By,” MGK dropped his new track titled “Bullets With Names” in which he boasts about having killed “Eminem”.

The Detroit rapper has refrained from commenting on the song so far.

Amid the reports that MGK is dating Hollywood actress Megan Fox,  fans of  both the rappers are wondering whether Eminem will target the  “Transformers” actress  too if he drops a diss track in the future.

Eminem would have plenty of stuff available against Megan Fox if  he decides to  attack her for dating MGK .

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