Shocking reason why Prince William never ‘accepted’ Prince Harry’s independence

Shocking reason why Prince William never ‘accepted’ Prince Harry’s independence 

Prince William and Prince Harry had a fallout not oblivious to many, wherein the duo hit a rough patch in their relationship for a while. 

Contrary to popular belief that the two princes have contacted each other during lockdown, no interaction between them has been seen online. 

Questioning the same, royal author Leslie Carroll told “This frost between the brothers has gone on for quite some time; so I have my doubts that they have spoken during the lockdown.

“Which is sad; and I don’t know what it would take for the breach to heal,” she added. 

Many believe that the resentment between the two is because William did not approve of Harry moving so quick with Meghan Markle, ever since they were dating.

Carroll revealed, “William must accept that Meghan is Harry’s wife, the woman he loves and that Harry has never fully recovered emotionally from their mother’s death. Each brother has different roles within the family and a different path. William’s path, as a future king, has always been mapped out. Harry’s, as the perennial “spare”, has always been murkier.” 

She further stated, “I’m not entirely convinced that William has ever accepted the fact that Harry is his own man and must make his own choices.”

Meanwhile, previous reports suggested that William is upset with Harry for not being with his family during this time of need. 

“He’s hurt that Harry isn’t in London to support the family amid the coronavirus outbreak,” a source revealed earlier. 

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