Shahid Afridi wonders why ICC won’t allow umpires to hold bowlers’ caps

A picture of former Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi interacting with another cricketer. Photo: AFP

Former Pakistan cricket captain and Multan Sultans player Shahid Afridi has asked the International Cricket Council (ICC) an important question about the new coronavirus rules they have put in place.

Taking to Twitter, Afridi wondered why the council had barred umpires from holding players’ belongings such as caps, jumpers, sunglasses and other items.

Dear @ICC wondering why the umpires are not allowed to hold bowlers cap even though they are in the same bubble as the players/management and even shake hands at the end of the game” he tweeted.

As cricket limped back to normalcy last summer with coronavirus infections surging in many countries around the world, the ICC put in place new rules that ensured social distancing for cricketers.

As per the rules, the council ruled that there would neither be loo breaks during training nor will players be allowed to hand over their caps or sunglasses to on-field umpires.

The ICC barred players from handing over caps, towels, sunglasses and jumpers to the umpire as part of maintaining social distance.

“Players and umpires should maintain social distancing on the cricket field and that includes no handing over of player items (cap, towels, sunglasses, jumpers) to the umpire or teammates,” reads the ICC playing guidelines.

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