Queen Elizabeth has a special surprise for birthday girl Princess Charlotte

The Queen hosts surprise for Princess Charlotte leaving royal fans gushing. 

It appears Queen Elizabeth II has planned an adorable surprise for Princess Charlotte’s birthday celebrations as she is unable to attend it in person due to current world circumstances.

According to a report published by The Sun, the Queen has already made great strides in attempting to make the princess’s day more special.

In the midst of this growing crisis, it has been revealed that the young royals spend a large portion of their time indulging in “chatty videos” with the Queen and her husband Prince Philip.

Even with the current situation engulfing the world, royal experts predict Princess Charlotte has a truly spectacular day planned.

Royal expert Angela Mollard spoke on the ROYALS podcast, discussing Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte’s birthdays, “obviously, they won’t be able to have friends over. Knowing Kate, she would have a whole schedule of party type things to do—remember her parents run a party planning company.”

“I imagine Carole Middleton, because she can’t see the children, has got all these things sorted,” Mollard added. “Of course, they still have plenty of staff to make birthday cakes and help construct party poppers. I don’t think the poor Cambridge children will be doing without.”

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