Oprah Winfrey pays homage to Ahmaud Arbery by walking 2.26 miles

Oprah Winfrey stepped out accompanied by her partner, commemorating Ahmaud Arbery

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey joined the list of A-listers raising their voices for Ahmaud Arbery who was shot and killed in Georgia while on a jog.

The 66-year-old executive stepped out accompanied by her partner Stedman Graham and two others by walking 2.23 miles, commemorating the death of 25-year-old Arbery.

“Today would’ve been Ahmaud Arbery’s 26th birthday. But he’s not here to celebrate because he was senselessly shot and killed doing something to make his life healthier and stronger,” she captioned the video of her walking on Instagram.

“He went out for a jog while being Black. I wonder what was he thinking in those last seconds of his life? Unimaginable to go for a run in 2020 and end up dead because of the color of your skin,” she added.

She further revealed that she had been in contact with Arbery’s mother who is “feeling better” after the two white men who allegedly shot him, were taken into custody two months following his death on February 23.

“But they were only arrested because WE saw the video. Today people everywhere walked 2.23 miles in the name of Ahmaud and justice. We did 2.26 in honor of his 26th birthday,” she said, using the hashtag #IRunWithMaud.

Winfrey can be heard saying in the video: “As a family, we walked in the name of justice, in the name of his birthday, and we’re sending blessings to his family.”

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