Harry Style dedicates new music video for ‘Watermelon Sugar’ to ‘touching’

Harry Styles has dropped the music video for his famous song, “Watermelon Sugar.” The singer released the visual for his fans on Monday morning. 

The 26-year-old had dropped a teaser for the video day before its release, showing a table set up on a beach, with waves crashing in the background. 

In the opening of the music video, a message reads, “This video is dedicated to touching.”

Harry Styles has set lockdown pulses racing with his new music video, which he dedicated to touching.  Styles and friends, in the video, can be seen enjoying watermelons on the beach.

‘One Direction’ heartthrob gets close and personal with a bunch of models, he encourages quarantine fans to think back to the power of human contact.

Styles released his hit track “Watermelon Sugar” in Nov. 2019, which had many fans raising eyebrows over the song’s lyrics.

During an interview in late 2019, Styles  addressed speculation about the song’s meaning.

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