‘Avatar 2’ producer Jon Landau shares brand new shot

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the  majority of film productions to a complete standstill. But it seems the expressway to Pandora is about to be re-opened, with James Cameron’s Avatar sequels in New Zealand. 

The ‘Avatar 2’ set photo reveals two of the movie’s awesome looking ocean-going ships. 

Released in 2009, James Cameron’s sci-fi epic ‘Avatar’ revolutionized movie  grossing a then-record $2.79 billion at the worldwide box office (the record was of course broken in 2019 by Avengers: Endgame).

Despite its nine Oscar nominations and huge box office take, ‘Avatar’ is mostly talked about today for not being talked about. But Cameron doesn’t seem to mind that Avatar is largely forgotten as a pop culture entity because the filmmaker is now going ahead with not one but four sequels, with the first set to be delivered in 2021. 

On his Instagram, Producer Jon Landau sheared a brand new shot of the set with a caption confirming that the shoot is ready to pick up again.

‘Our Avatar sets are ready – and we couldn’t be more excited to be headed back to New Zealand next week,” he wrote.

Cameron, recently,  opened up about the impact of the pandemic on the sequels, saying: “It’s putting a major crimp in our stride here.”

He told Empire. “I want to get back to work on Avatar, which right now we’re not allowed to do under state emergency laws or rules. So it’s all on hold right now.” 

Cameron was optimistic due to the way New Zealand has handled the virus, which has proven to be yet another trustworthy James Cameron instinct.

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